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    Hi everyone
    i’d like to introduce myself my name is Glenn and i’m brand new to the library music world..
    I’ve been making tracks for years as a hobby and wanted to reach out to libraries…..
    What comes easiest to me as a genre is relaxation,nature,piano and meditation tracks..

    I feel lacking in business knowledge and wondered if people could give me some advice…
    I would like to approach libraries with my tracks (NOT SURE WHICH LIBRARIES MIGHT BE THE BEST FOR THIS?) could you advise….

    And the second question would be…. I notice channels on youtube dedicated to this genre BUT i’m wondering how do they make income if people are only streaming..

    Is it a case of hoping to funnel people towards buying your music.

    BUT …I did notice that one channel seems to be getting licensing from guided meditation and short film licensing to the point were they are now setting up an automatic download shop for there most requested tracks…

    I think to sum up the second question…. does anyone have knowledge or experience of running a youtube channel alongside there library music business?

    Also would anyone like to give me somefeedback on my first tracks would be great to here your thoughts??

    All the best to everyone

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    Hi there, and welcome Glenn.

    Let’s hear what your tracks sound like.

    Drop a link..

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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