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    John Judd

    Hey MLR folks!

    Just thought I would share something I have been working on. After writing an onslaught of library tracks, I got a little burned out and needed something fresh in my life….so I started sampling household objects and doing field recordings to create my own catalog of unique sounds. This video describes what I did and has a short track as an example of my homemade percussion ensemble. Lastly, this is FL Studio specific but could surely be applicable to any other DAW. Even more lastly: Art, if this thread is in the wrong place please feel free to move it…..


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    John Judd

    For anyone that is interested, here is the sequel to the first video…..all homemade samples, most of them have now been re-synthesized by Harmor (in FL Studio). Quite a journey for a new palette of sounds, but I thought it was well worth it. After writing tons of ‘ticky ticky’ tension tracks, this opened up a world of new sounds to use.

    If you’re getting stagnant, try something like this. Yes, sampling is horribly long and tedious at times, but worth it in the end.

    For those of you that don’t use FL Studio, perhaps re-synthesizing can be done in Omnisphere 2 (I wouldn’t know, as I haven’t upgraded just yet).

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