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    What are your go-to techniques to achieve a climax in a track?
    Do you use rhythm, melody, changes in instrumentation, mix automation, risers etc or a combination of all of them?

    Let’s share composers tips and tricks to realize the best emotional and exciting crescendo.

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    Yes. All of the above.

    But I only use risers in electronic or trailer=esque music. Otherwise there are many longstanding musical traditions of how to do exactly that – get the music louder and/or more intense.

    Open filters
    Raise volumes
    Automate some elements down and others up
    Add in another element / instrument
    Move the voicings up as you culminate the crescendo
    More vibrato
    Or just play the dam instrument louder.
    and on and on…..

    Whatever works works.

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    More ideas:

    Crescendo roll
    Backwards sample
    Bass drop (808 that keeps dropping and dropping like a trailer)
    Dissonance! Without resolving. This is my favorite.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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