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    Newbie from upstate NY. I am doing orchestral cues and some songs, part-time (yup, still have the “day-job”). I started collaborating recently with someone who has a formal music education and that has helped a lot! I did the “band thing” in and after high school years ago, then went into the corporate world and put music on the shelf for quite a while. About 4 years ago I started to pick it up again and was blown away by the technology, to say the least. I flailed for a while working on all kinds of genres just trying to figure out all the bells and whistles of the technology and recording, producing, mixing and mastering.

    I have a home studio and have decided to focus on orchestral type cues, especially for advertising. I have some pretty good libraries but I don’t have as much time as I really need, so projects tend to take a while, especially now that Summer is here with Summer projects at the homestead. So I tend to have a LOT more time in the winter to get some music done, so far.

    Overall I really enjoy it all and have pushed out some music to several different libraries but nothing has been placed yet. So I look at this a life-long learning experience and try to learn a little more every day. Hopefully, the music will improve accordingly.


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    Art Munson

    Welcome aboard Jeff and the best of luck!

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    Welcome Jeff/JPitcher! Do it out of “Love” and the money will just follow!

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