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    Watch this video shot 3 weeks back. It really defines what all stakeholders do in the music licensing business. Show extreme patience. It’s long, but informative.

    The biggest problem in our business folks is that the majority do not understand it. The CEO’s and their investors running all the companies when you search “Production Music” “Stock Music” “Library Music” “Music Publishers” Royalty Free Music” “Music Licensing” and son…..on google do not understand how music publishing works.

    This is why these tech companies that have designed music licensing platforms can get away with what they get away with: reduced commissions, disregard for intellectual property rights, price undercutting, manipulation, and so on.

    We are at a point where we all need to write to Congress and ask for a lot more help (set minimum rates for music licensing). We need these e-commerce licensing platforms to be regulated. Let’s start by not allowing them to change the terms of commissions whenever they feel like it. Let’s start by creating some laws and regulations that mandate that writers must be informed in writing as to when and how their music is going to be used for TV broadcast and Internet media productions. I mean, it is 2019, and these tech companies can easily generate e-invoices or e-licenses for each transaction or license sold. These e-licenses can also include end usage and name of company or product or person licensing the music and describe how they intend on using the track? podcast? radio spot? tv show? tv spot? film? vlog? wedding video? personal use? and so on….

    The days of anything goes, it’s the wild west have to stop. We need real laws and regulations to protect our works and our rights. The e-commerce sites we trade on are really starting to get out of control and increasingly have a stranglehold on music writers. The sickest part of this video is the statement made at 1:01:25 in “…when you look at service providers, broadcasters, PRO’s, Publishers, etc… all the way down the chain, The creator is undoubtedly the last one to be compensated”

    Our industry of music licensing is in desperate need of new laws and regulation to ensure
    1. that we are paid and

    2. ideally we are NOT the last one’s to be paid in this chain.

    What do you all think?

    The CEO of Spotify is worth 2.5 billion. Meanwhile, all the artists are paid next to nothing, and everybody from Tool to…

    Posted by Robert Brown on Tuesday, August 13, 2019

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