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    Hi everybody,

    First of all, I´m a big fan of this website. It´s unbelievable how much information I´ve gathered just by digging a little bit in this forum, so thanks for that.

    Personally I don´t like relying on other composers to find mistakes on my work so I don´t have to do it myself but after hearing the same track over and over again for a thousand times, it might be nice to get a fresh pair of ears to listen to it.

    I can hear some things that need to improve but if any of you have a moment to listen to it and leave some feedback, I´ll be glad to buy you a couple of beers, wine or whatever you drink if we ever meet.

    I am debating myself between put it on a RF site or wait until I get some more tracks and go for a higher tier, what do you guys think?

    Thanks again,


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    Art, if you could edit my post and add the link please:

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    Art Munson

    Done @IsmasIO.

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    To be honest “The Whole thing is Subjective”. One Library will tell You it’s too little, and one will tell you it’s too much.

    All you can do is “Submit it, and hope the right person hears it”.

    I had some tracks that I recently submitted to a moderate TV Library as part of their “requirements to start uploading tracks”. They came, they listened, and I heard nothing back from them (although, the person in charge of the Library sent me a Connection Request on LinkedIn..LOL)

    Submitted the same tracks/cues to an APM Library, and got asked to do multiple Albums..

    You just never know whats gonna happen, just “don’t set your sights on One or Two Dream Libraries; and just look for Great Homes for Your music!!”

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    @beatslinger Thank you so much, I understand it all depends on what they are looking for and the production quality. You might laugh when I say this but I feel like this particular track, compared to all I’ve done before, it´s on a different level and deserves better than an “Upload” button. I don´t want to lose it to RF sites if I can find a better home for it someday.

    Thanks again,


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    You might laugh when I say this but I feel like this particular track, compared to all I’ve done before, it´s on a different level and deserves better than an “Upload” button.

    Go with Your “Gut”. Just because we have tracks that we are “Hot For” doesn’t mean we have to rush to put them out.

    There really is no “Time Stamp” on tracks in Production Music, and there is literally a need for every period of music. To submit to libraries, I have been getting tracks accepted by looking at my “Archives from 5- to 7- to 10 years ago..

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    Imo, you should get some more tracks (8-10 or more) like this one and go for a higher tier library. 2 out of 3 sales on RF sites are upbeat,positive tunes. I don’t think this track would go far on RF sites but it’s good enough for various tv projects.
    I could be wrong but that’s what i would i do with a track like this anyway.

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    You guys are completely right. It’s hard to hold back the need of uploading but I bet patience and spend some time finding a comfy home for them is the best approach for these kind of tracks in the long run.

    Thanks again!


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    Kery Michael

    Wow. I really liked it. I find it a little intimidating to hear all the good music that is out there. Makes me feel like I gotta up my game.

    Though, I do wonder where can this be placed? It sounds like you had fun writing it and put a lot of sweat into it. I fear that some kid with garageband is going to make a quick beat, put a quirky piano over it, will take him a couple hours. But that’s the track that will get placed many times over your track, because there’s room for that in today’s market. I’m also finding it tough, the artist and the business man are in constant conflict.

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    Hey Michael, thanks for your kind words mate.

    You are right but I believe it is just a matter of targeting the best publishers for the music I make. As we all know for trailer stuff there are many big top end libraries with placements all the time and I know I won’t have access to these ones until I make 500 more tracks in this particular style.

    I hope if I do a lot of research I’ll find some nice places to land my not yet created 500 tracks. It feels like walking through the Sahara desert but hard work and a bit of luck will get me to the nearest oasis lol.

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    Mike Marino

    If it were me (as some have stated above) I’d wait, put together a few more tracks, and search out libraries that are placing similar styled tracks. Cool track; good luck!

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    That’s the plan Mike!

    I’m about finish composing a new one as we speak. The whole process takes me around 1/2 weeks. Having a full-time job doesn’t allow me much spare time after my daily duties, but it definitely improved; 4 or 5 tracks ago I used to spend a whole month.

    Thank you guys for stopping by and give me your thoughts!

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