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    Hi – I could really do with some guidance on the following and I apologise if it’s a ‘duh’ question or I am just understanding the protocol, I’m very new to licensing!

    However, here’s my concern, it’s the YouTube Content ID program. If a library like Audiosparx, which prohibits the syndication of tracks to certain other libraries and has subscribed to the YouTube content ID program, how do you control the use of the same tracks with other non exclusive libraries that are not on their blacklist, to prevent someone licensing my music in that capacity, only to then be told by youtube that the content was owned by Audiosparx? Does that make sense?

    Thanks in advance!

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    The best way to participate in Content ID to prevent false Content ID notices is to have your Content ID tracks in only one library.

    The youtube terms of service for using Content ID require that, or at least used to.

    So, if you’ve spread the same music out among a number of non-exclusive libraries, you should not opt-in to content ID.

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    I thought content ID dealt only in exclusive tracks, per their rules? Either way, I agree with Michael, if you are going to enter them into content i.d. , i.e. through AS, might as well make them exclusive to avoid problems down the road. I would actually (in all seriousness) would like to hear from people who said that it turned out to be worth their while to enter their tracks into content i.d. ( as i , I don’t know, pick a number, mycontent i.d. track made in the ball park of x amount of dollars).

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    I don’t get involved with Content ID at all – more trouble than it’s worth.

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    Thanks everybody for sharing your thoughts – much appreciated.

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