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    I bought a new old stock Sampleheads Disk for $20. I thought I was buying an audio CD, but discovered it’s a Gigasampler DVD. I figured out how to convert it to wav files using Kontakt, but it will be a tedious process. Five .GIG files imported to 63 accurately labeled .WAV files, which is good.
    Before I commit to this project, is there a better, smarter way to use this disc?
    I’m a PC user, I have Sonar Platinum and the latest Reason.

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    Alan, Chicken Systems make some great translator products. I converted .gig file format via one of their products specifically for converting .gig files into ESX files so that I could use them with Logic. But if you have what is essentially a CD’s worth of samples, as in, the kind of samples you might use for hip hop or something, then the samples as wav files might be fine staying as .wav, and doing it manually, like you found that you can do.

    After I converted a bunch of .gig orchestral type of samples, I realized that the samples for orchestral VI’s available today are so much better than the .gig files I had, so I stopped using them. I’m not sure if a free app to help you do bulk name-changing would help, but “NameChanger” (for mac) is really lightweight, smart and I use it when I have to modify a bunch of file names.

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    Thanks for the input guys. It ended up being a fairly simple process, actually easier and faster than if I had the audio CD. I’ll post the process in case someone else ever needs it.
    -Copy all the .GIG files into a single folder on your audio drive
    -Open Kontakt, select Files
    -In the top browser, navigate to the folder of .GIG files you created. The bottom window will populate with the .GIG files in that folder
    -In the bottom window, select the files you want to convert to .WAV (I selected them all)
    -Select Import and a Batch Import dialog box opens. Choose or create a destination folder for the converted files and select Convert.

    For me, Kontakt created a folder of labeled wav files that matched up with the DVD documentation. It was a very fast and simple.

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    Is this possible in the free version of kontakt?

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