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    Happy Ears

    I was just curious if anyone wish to share their scoring to picture methods and set ups.
    Do you guys open new sessions for each individual cue you write when scoring a project, finishing it and then importing the bounce into a master “picture cut session”?
    Or do you write several cues or the entire score in the same session using ex tempo changes and adding more and more tracks as the project progress in the time line.
    I tend to do a bit of both.
    I guess traditionally when things where done by reels and pen and paper the answer was a bit more cut and dry but now when u can get a quicklime with the entire film or episode on it I’m curious to hear how different people approach it.

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    Happy Ears


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    Hey Happy Ears, Tempo changes are my preferred method and adding instruments/tracks as far as your DAW can comfortably handle.I can’t imagine creating individual projects for each cue. Happy Weekend !!

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    Also don’t forget about templates. With any session/song you’ve created from scratch, you can then delete all the audio, midi, and automation, and save as a template. Great for orchestral, but also great for any style.

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    How do you guys work with just one session file? Are you using something like DP’s chunks?

    I tried doing it a few times in DP and Logic, but every time something got moved or deleted unintentionally, usually by selecting a whole track.

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    With regards to moving/deleting files accidentally you can usually lock clips in most daws. In pro tools for example you can lock all of your clips that you’re finished with so they can not be moved. It will also prompt a dialogue box warning you that you are about to delete locked audio if you try to delete anything.

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    Happy Ears

    Thanks for everybody’s input!
    Yes the “lock the regions to SMTP” option in logic is quite usable but I ran into a problem where I used a Logic session as a template with an old cue which I wanted to readapt to a scoring project and even though I had the regions locked to SMTP, I got an error a few days later saying “one or more regions have been changed in length/Moved? and it was complty out of synch mucially and with picture. After some research I found that you should use “save a copy” option instead of just a new “save as” when using old session files as a template. I had changed the tempo in the readaption and even though it worked fine for a few days all of the sudden it moved/changed on length somehow because it was tied back to the original session which had a different tempo. So I’m always printing the cues as I go as a safety precaution. Nothing worse then seeing a cue that you thought was completed out of synch!

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    I work in one session for shorter projects 15 minutes or less. Anything longer I work over multiple sessions of 10-15 minute segments, (always putting the location in the name of the session.) After I’ve finished all the cues I create an empty project and pull in all the stems and export it to video and watch for changes or transitions that might need some TLC…

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