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    Hi everyone, this is my first post after plenty of lurking. What an amazing resource and community this is!

    Like many, I’ve composed for years but am new to the library music game. I’ve had some sales on AJ and P5 but want to start working my way towards some of the ‘higher tier’ libraries.

    My three most recent tracks are below, written while I have time off work this week. I’d love to hear any feedback on these, specifically on suitability, what I need to improve to get the quality where it needs to be and of course whether they’re even in the ballpark to begin with!

    For further reference, and I hope this is allowed, you can hear the rest of my portfolio here:

    I have so many questions on where to go from here and what / which libraries to focus on, but I’ll save them for other parts of the forum.

    Many thanks in advance, and Merry Christmas!

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    Just bumping this once in case it got a bit lost during the break. I’d love to hear any and all feedback.


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    Mark Lewis

    Hi CJones

    Just my observations…

    Endless Possibilities
    This is a great track. Well produced and perfect for a more intelligent corporate music / motivational type cue.

    Summer Vibes
    This is good, a little dated, or maybe retro. The only thing I would say is that it sounds like a vocal track with the vocals removed leaving the verses and bridge kind of sparse and less interesting. The bass line could move a bit more maybe.

    The Hero Returns
    There are tons of orchestral/trailer cues called ‘The Hero Returns’ but this one is done really well. Nicely produced and doesn’t sound simply slapped together from the same orchestral and percussive plugins that everyone else is using.

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    Thanks very much for the feedback Mark. Good to hear that the production is on track and very good point about the empty ‘verses’ in Summer Vibes. That kind of style is new to me so I have lots more listening and analysing to do there.

    Another question for you or anybody else:

    With this current level of quality, would it be realistic for me to start submitting to libraries like CR and JP instead of AJ and P5 all the time? I know that it’s a numbers and waiting game, but could I expect to see some placements one day with different, more varied tracks such as ‘Quirk of Fate’, above?

    What I really want to do more than anything is branch out of the inspirational/corporate/epic/upbeat/ukulele stuff and write some more varied material and start targeting some of the higher quality(?) libraries.

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    Hi CJjones,

    “Quirk of Fate” is done really well. Both the way it’s developed and the production quality are much better than the average RF cue. Good luck with this one!

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