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    Hi all,
    Is there anyone has used these sites?


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    Art Munson

    The search box is your friend (upper right)! Search for tagsgenerator or tagteamanalysis.

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    Thanx a lot Art;-)
    I had already seen these posts but i didn’t find any review from anyone that had used

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    Hey all
    Posted with permission from Art.

    I’ve been working on something in the background the past few months– software to make it easier to tag Film/TV tracks with mood keywords. Right now I only handle mood keywords, I’m hoping to add genres and other things later. Also, I only have a version for Windows, nothing for Mac.

    You can download the software for free on the site, nothing for sale here. (Though voluntary PayPal donations accepted)

    Please stop by… Feedback on the product welcome!! Feel free to give it a whirl!

    Happy mood tagging! πŸ˜€

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    Art Munson

    Thanks TagATune, best of luck. I will give it a try.

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    Thanks Art
    Just to add… The mood lists were created after surveying the most common mood words from a few popular music library sites.

    The program has more moods than my wife on a weekend where I didn’t follow her “honey do” list!!


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    Art Munson

    The program has more moods than my wife on a weekend where I didn’t follow her β€œhoney do” list!!”

    Ha, ha, ha!

    BTW I think “uses”, or types where a piece would work well, would be a great addition to the list.

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    Thanks Art!
    Right now I decided (as a starting point) to handle only *mood* keywords, knowing that many other types of keywords are needed… I found moods were the most asked for words and sometimes the most challenging. Yes, “uses” is a good one along with genres, instruments, etc.

    πŸ˜€ TaT

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    Hi. Just a quick bump. I’d like to get a few folks here to download and test the program.

    Tag, you’re it!! πŸ˜€

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    Art Munson

    Hey TagATune,

    Just downloaded and have to say I really like it. Some well thought out ideas such as being able to switch from upper, lower and standard case as well as comma, no comma, etc.

    I will definitely start using it as it will speed up my workflow a lot.

    One suggestion. The ability to check for duplicates. Sometimes I may have some tags already but want to add more. Would be nice to paste them into the tags box, add some more tags and check for duplicates. There is a script here and I use the site a lot.

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    Thanks Art!
    The program will allow you to CHECK duplicates if a tag exists in more than one category. Tags that are in more than one category are shown in a different color, blue I think. BUT, even if you check the same tag word more than once, it will only appear in your tag list once. The program automatically prevents duplicates.

    But I don’t have the ability to manually enter any. They all have to come from the checkboxes right now.


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    Hi TagATune!

    I just downloaded it! Works perfectly and the moods are generally what I need help with. You were right, tons of moods in this thing LOL



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