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  • Pretty much all of Hollywood movies are financed by well known rich people, investment bankers and such. Youtubers are making a ton of money all around and even TikTok and Instagram are being profitable to ppl. I know that many would think VCs are in to drain composers but there are companies that managed to reward content creators decently while being a corporation. Since many ppl are complaining about royalties and subscription models, the way could be up from now on IMO…It would be worse if VCs were dumping music companies for nothing.

    We need to deal with the fact competition grew in the production music space in the last 4-10 years. I try to be pretty realistic and not delusional about prospects, but I also know that music and arts in general will always be like professional sports where not many make it. Link to the interview:

    LAWriter, although I’ve said to a friend years ago the music business could only go one way, up (and it might have gone, with peak production music and the ascension of Spotify?), I just read an interview from the president of NMPA and he’s optimistic about the biz right now. Many VC companies are investing, Artlist and Songtradr got multi million funding recently… I didn’t return because of them, but it surely is a good sign prospect wise.

    Mike, I tend to think that although they ask for 3/5 tracks during submission, they prefer a huge catalog from the artist too..I’m trying to grow mine.

    LAWriter, you’re talking mostly bubbles, joining these industries could be like joining cryptocurrencies as a job in 2018 or something. Electric cars for instance now have VW competition and Nikola (plus a ton of Chinese companies), and probably every graduate in the US might be thinking of joining them too… the Internet sort of made things get over saturated fast imo.. Music has the dream/star element but our luck is that library music might be less glamorous, but with Covid stopping live shows it got worse perhaps.

    LionWings, that is good advice, I might try out your approach.

    Glad to hear you made it RM90, congrats. I’ll wait some more and possibly keep trying.

    LAwriter, yes, music might be saturated but what is not these days?

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    sorry, I must have kept in my mind they were not on the site since there was no feedback and they are all over the place… guess folks here really don’t like subscription libraries…

    might try a sneaky e-mail now and then, thanks

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    Mark, do you post as yourself in Vi-Control? I legitimately wanna be your friend. Fan here.


    I’m new here. I accessed Songtradr and started the uploading for an opportunity but noticed that my track might not be eligible for exclusive libraries after that, or that it might cause problems. What’s the story with Songtradr, do we get involved with them as a music library or can I just use the platform to submit to the supervisor opportunities?


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)