5 Replies to “How Much Do Music Artists Earn Online?”

  1. The digital streaming sites should only be used for advertising a music product. There is no true financial reward for participating.

  2. The old distribution models are siphoning the artists and labels, I think with payouts like this it’s unmanageable. Tho theres some new sites like fametune where artists can set their own streaming royalties and sale prices and can take a way bigger slice of the pie then on other platforms. Also it’s a good addition, that listeners can spread the word about tunes for rewards, so they can actually earn what they would spend on music.

  3. This is really staggering, and make you wonder why Spotify is such a big buzz right now…

    I got my music onto Last.fm to help me create a ‘mock-up’ for future album efforts; using the referenced chart and numbers(above), I made assumptions based on those numbers, not knowing record co. contract details:

    Echo & The Bunnymen, Last.fm’s featured artist of the week with almost 7 million plays, has only earned a maximum of $5214.64 in the almost 3 years they’ve been on the site.

    Springsteen, on Last.fm for almost 4 years, has earned a maximum of $22,265.62

    Lady Gaga, on Last.fm for less than a year, has earned a max of $45,812.86

    ‘Nuff said.

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