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Music Collaborators


One of our readers had the idea of starting a thread for those who would like to collaborate on making music. I thought it was a great idea so here’s the place to post for those who would like to do so.

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  1. I’m looking for someone to play bass on some of my recordings. One in particular right now.
    I have a very small budget though.
    The one I need bass for right now is a punk, rock, grunge kind of tune.

    Also I can offer vocals if anyone needs some
    (got a fairly good voice, especially if you need a voice that sounds a little different, listen to me on http://www.chrismichols.com).

  2. I need somebody who can do a rock organ track for me pretty quickly. I have a reference track and I need you to try and match the organ sound and playing as closely as possible. I cannot pay much, maybe $25 via Paypal. It’s also kind of urgent.

    If any keys players read this and are interested, please email me ASAP at canty.mark@gmail.com

    You can listen to the reference track here:



  3. Hi Dov,
    Great stuff! Really like how your breaks build each section of the compositions as they move along. Intelligent, good stuff!
    Sorry I don’t have tracks posted to check out but I’d like to discuss collaborating with you via email if that works for you. My email is synthbucket @ yahoo.com

  4. I am a keys man.

    If you need some nice piano (I have east west Goliath and Orchestra gold) then drop me a message.

    I also do a mean fender rhodes electric piano, and a funky Hohner clav (think stevie wonder superstition).

    If you need any of this on your tracks then message me!

  5. I do rock vocals. Have had placements in TV (Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Chris and John to the Rescue) and film (Angel Camouflaged). Always looking for great rock instrumentals for collaboration. All kinds of rock….Let me know if interested.

  6. Yes! I would be interested – I can give you some examples if what I do best and you can let me know what you think! I’m also on Royalty Free Radio that was listed (relaxation station) I’m the haunting flute ( and everything else you hear …)

  7. I’m up for collaborating.
    Anyone out there writing emotional and dramatic orchestral music and wants to explore his darker electronic side? Lets hook up. Interested in getting placements and writing exclusively for boutique production companies.

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