Please note: LicenseQuote is NOT a music library. It is a web based solution for setting up your own music library.

Not strictly a music library but if you are a composer and/or songwriter, please leave your comments and experiences with this company. We want to hear the good as well as the bad! We make no guarantee of accuracy. Check with the company for all details. Please contact us for any corrections.


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  1. How expert would one have to be to operate on Licensequote?

    It looks great but I imagine it’s best for people who really understand the business and can happily deal direct with clients for price negotiations and contracts, while anyone without a lot of experience might really make a mess of it.

    Is this right? Or is it all fairly straightforward if one follows the standard procedures and has a little nous?

  2. Hello! could anybody tell me in how much money they are selling your music´s placements? aprox…? thanks!!

    • “Hello! could anybody tell me in how much money they are selling your music´s placements? aprox…?”

      LicenseQuote is NOT a music library. It’s a web based solution for you to set set up your own music library.

  3. Is it worth going through the process of uploading tracks to this site. How have sales been for people with music here ? Thanks

  4. Can anybody tell me if the hosting store search engine, has an option to show all versions of a cue? perhaps by a drop down menu.

    • Hello Happy Ears,
      The catalog lets you add unique titles for all your songs/tracks and different cue versions as needed. This keeps them together (alphabetically) for title or keyword searches, and can also be organized and sorted by custom-named tag filters.

      Occasionally we get inquiries via our contact form:
      with incorrect, mispelled or missing return email addresses, so it’s not always possible to reply, even though we’d love to!

      Please try contacting us again, and be sure to carefully enter the email address you’d like us to reply to, so we’ll be able to get right back to you!

      Michael – LicenseQuote management

    • One of the features I’ve always thought LQ needed was a way to group versions together. MusicLoops, AudioSparx, Scorekeepers and many more have this. I’ve been rattling Michael’s chain about this for the last couple of years. 🙂

      • Hi Art,
        Sure, it’s a good idea and also on one of our To-Do lists, but most of our publisher and library clients have been using other sorting options (e.g. unique track titles), tags, custom filters and API links to integrate with their existing catalog on their sites. So “grouped versions” already has a number of viable solutions.

        One of our clients, Andrew Oye of, is offering “Construction Packs” to his licensing clients. These contain all variations of cues (intro, verse, chorus, different mixes, etc.) from the same primary track. See the article about it here:

        But most publishers are using a ‘root titles’ approach, like “ABC Track – full”, “ABC Track – 60 sec.”, “ABC Track – piano & strings”, etc. This works well, supports sorted search results and unique preview files sharing, etc.

        The other advantage is that different licensing profiles and rate cards (pricing) can be applied to each unique “cue”, so this provides flexible pricing management.

        Also, clients with “blanket licensing” permission enabled (by the publisher) can access and download any/all cue variations as needed, which is all tracked on the “Sold Licenses” admin page, which the publishers really like!

        Finally, LicenseQuote serves many kinds of music publishers, so it’s not only about licensing “production music” tracks and grouped “cue” versions, but broader things like original songs with vocals, instrumental melodies, masters for cover songs, songs in public domain, sheet music and other types of more traditional music publishing and licensing sales.

        Hope this sheds some light on what we’ve been doing lately!

        • All of the above would benefit from a group feature and you wouldn’t lose anything. The results of a search would be cleaner by using less screen real estate and showing more results. It would also allow a client to “drill down” for any alternate versions.

  5. You’re welcome Matt!
    By the way, I just updated the first bullet on the Features page:
    which now says: Embed a custom branded professional licensing store on your website.

    This should make it easier for interested composers and publishers to find. Thanks for the prompt!

  6. Hi Matt,
    Yes, it’s possible to embed your Licensing Store directly on your own website!

    On the Licensing Store admin page in your account, we provide a small “copy & paste” iframe embed code. We list this on our Features page under the API and Integration section, and could probably mention it again at the top in the “Music Licensing Store” section. Our list of features keeps growing longer, yikes! 🙂

    Here’s an example of one of our client’s store:
    His name is Andrew Oye, a film & tv composer who is using for his website hosting. You can also find other cool store and API integration examples on our Gallery:

    Hope this helps!

  7. Hey Michael, I have a question:

    Can someone actually set up the ‘store’ on their own site, instead of linking to LQ (i.e. as a widget within a site)? I couldn’t see that described on your site, but maybe it was there and I didn’t see it. If that’s the case, then it’s a very cool concept.

  8. Hi Everyone!
    Just wanted to mention (and remind) that LicenseQuote is NOT a music publisher or library, but a publishing and licensing solution for independent songwriters, composers and producers to easily set up their own music licensing store which they can place on their website.

    We don’t have much competition, only YouLicense, but we’re different in that we offer more features and our plans and pricing are more affordable. Regardless, you always stay in full control of your publishing and pricing and keep 100% of all your licensing sales.

    When you get a chance please check out our blog and the article: “What people are saying about LicenseQuote” to learn what our publisher and library clients are saying about our service. Here’s a handy link:
    We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised! 🙂

    If you have questions or need any help, please use the Contact form (on our front page) to give us a shout!

    Michael – LicenseQuote team

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