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  1. Just want to point out I am a composer at AS and the exclusive for life is one option there, the other is NE. AJ is on their banned list so I never uploaded there but what I read about their terms and prices, wouldn’t anyway.Both AS and P5 have done well for me , so sticking with those , and honestly, going with one or 2 more royalty free (one I am trying to get into, one I am in), in another but considering dropping it, not that they are bad but uploading to a ton of RF sites not in my game plan, and going to stick to the researched ones that reportedly do well for composers. And focus more of my time and attention in the NE and perhaps add another exclusive site.

    1. AJ is also on ML’s list of libraries that devalue music.Since ML,AS & P5 do well for me (and these 3 are among the best ones imo),i don’t see the point wasting my time in low pricing libraries.

    1. ah,my bad!But yes,i experienced the same thing at P5 as well,i raised my prices a bit in early August and it didn’t affect my sales.Actually August was better than June & July!

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