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  1. Since it was brought up in another post, I thought I would share this from their license agreement:(I never used to pay much attention.) 🙂

    What You May Do: You may use these sounds in recordings, music productions, public performances, and for other reasonable musical purposes within musical compositions. You may use these sounds in your own musical compositions as much as you like without any need to pay Garritan Corporation or obtain further permission. If you do use these sounds, we ask that you include the following credits in any written materials or credits accompanying your music that utilizes material from Garritan Instant Orchestra (CD booklet, film credits, etc.): “Instrument samples used in this recording are from Garritan Instant Orchestra”—or a similar credit where practicable. You are allowed a maximum of four (4) installations per purchase.

    What You May Not Do: The enclosed sounds may not be re-used in any commercial sample library or compet- itive product. You are absolutely forbidden to duplicate, copy, distribute, transfer, upload, download, trade, or loan this software or any of the contents in any way to anyone. You may not redistribute this product in whole or in part through an archive, collection, through the Internet, or a binaries group, newsgroup, or any type of removable media, or through a network. You may not resell the product without written permission and pay- ment of an additional fee. The sounds and samples contained within this software may not be edited, modi- fied, digitally altered, re-synthesized, or manipulated without direct written consent from Garritan Corp.

    • Thanks for that. I almost bought it yesterday. I was confident there were no restrictions. That’ll teach me to read the terms no matter who it is. Guess I’ll have to find something similar.

      • Hey Pat, You can use this for production music. What they are saying is you can’t use it in a sample library. Basically you can’t take their sounds and put it in “Pat’s String Samples” and re-sell it.

        • Ahh, “sample” library. I missed that. Thanks euca.
          Now the question, what do you think of instant orchestra. I have personal orchestra but never really used it. I don’t really have the knowledge to make it believable so I was thinking this instant orchestra might be just the thing for me.
          I have cineorch and it seems to be along the same lines but cineorch is very limited.

          • Hey Pat,
            It sounds really good and a nice price. I use it along with some other sample libraries I have. You still need to tweak it to make it sound real. The “instant” part of it is basically a mixer with presets. You could choose from different presets, like cartoon music and it will load all the instruments into the mixer. Basically it is templates. I don’t know if that would be any better for you than the personal version.

            • Hi euca,
              Thanks for the input. You’re right, the price is right and I need something suitable for my lack of orchestral know how. Not to attempt big full blown orchestra music, just little snippets here and there that sound believable. Still thinking about it.
              The thing that put me off the personal orchestra 4 was that I still had to figure out what sections or instruments play with what and I didn’t want to spend that kind of time with it since orchestral music isn’t really my thing. Looking for something with great sound but dumbied down for layman usability.

  2. Thanks Art! I was looking for something to use along with my other string sounds, just picked it up and I really like it.

  3. That is what I use for strings myself. Very affordable, and decent sounding.

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