“The Independent Artists Guide To Pricing Music”


Michael Nickolas informed of a guide he has put together that I found very informative. Particularly as I am building my own license web site and was looking for some guidelines for license fees. Michael is a published author (“Recording Magazine”, “Berklee Today”) and this guide lists the going rates for licensing music in broadcast and non-broadcast placements. Categories include Film, TV, Internet, Corporate and more. You can use the guide to set prices, verify an offer being made to you, or to verify the payments you are receiving from libraries placing your music. The guide also makes an excellent starting point if you are considering opening your own music library. Check it out directly at http://tinyurl.com/yfn64xw or visit www.studionineproductions.com and click on the “Music pricing guide for independent artists!” link.

The price is $9.99. I don’t share in any of the revenues, I just thought it was worth mentioning.

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