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    Think it´s time I take a step back, too much time going into this and money, will concentrate on other projects ? and leave the library business.

    thank you for pulling me back to reality my friend

    LAWriter, I feel you gave a lot of truth!

    Stein, I feel that maybe a step back, to re-think, and “calmly re-group”; will bring you to where you need to be!
    One of the greatest joys about being in the production music side of the business is “I can go anywhere my mind takes me! My creativity is not stifled by having to fit into a category, or a really tiny box”.

    Sounds to me Stein, like you want this a little too bad. Bad enough to compromise your product, and your capabilities.

    Really put together a “Strong set of compositions that really reflect your capabilities”. Put them on a Site (Like your own website, Soundcloud, reverberation, etc) THEN, do your research here, and “check each and every review, and entry of Feedback that is given to the Libraries here on MLR”

    Trust me, it’s not the amount of tracks. I did over 900 placements in 2016, and over 700 in 2017 using about “120 compositions total”..

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    Hi Stein – there’s a lot of excellent, in-depth advice already from Abby, BEATSLINGER and LAwriter. And the dialog got me thinking..why not produce recordings that mostly feature the instrument you play — putting that front and center?

    Piano player? Make that front and center. Then as you add to your production, keep it stream-lined; think “minimalist” or maybe view it as if creating an underscore version of a main/ bigger version.

    If you record and mix only four instrument tracks at first, then gradually build-up your track count as you continue to produce and nail-down your mixes.

    So at least along the way, you’ll have finished tracks you can submit.

    Hope that helps or sparks other helpful ideas.

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    I actually really liked the demos, and thought the samples weren’t that bad at all. What’s happening, to my ear, is you’re writing music more like a mock up – like how it should be written for live players, not for the samples to sound their best.

    The mix isn’t too bad either, lots of nice low end, and the drums particularly are nice and full.

    Now if we’re comparing these demos to the expectations of trailer music, then yes there’s a long way to go – particularly in emotional arc. But if this is designed for TV, like reality shows and history documentaries, it’s not far off the mark.

    I’d suggest just looking for ways to inject more intensity, gravitas, emotion into the tracks.

    This starts with the all important climactic ending, the most valued part of any piece of production music, especially orchestral tracks. Structure your whole piece around hitting the highest level of intensity right at the end, building up as you go. Some productions (news themes etc) need to be at a more of a steady level of intensity, but the biggest devourer (probably not a word) of production music is reality TV, and they LOVE / require a build up to a solid ending.

    And don’t take a big step back! Iceland is more than ok. The library music business has opened up to anyone with a fast internet connection and basic ability to find things on the web. Pretty much all the information you need is on YouTube. Immerse yourself in the sound of modern film music and trailer music. It’s important to know what is expected today, but again, you’re not far off at all.

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    Thank you all for your comments, I really appreciate you taking the time.

    I actually work as a professional musician in Iceland, make a fine salary playing organ and directing choirs, even get grants to write more complicated stuff. However I really like doing this type of music and even though a step back is needed I kind of think I could do this kind of work, although I need to find a US library that uses this kind of music.

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    The pieces I posted were all made in the last few days, except the piano and olympic one, done about 25 in three weeks. They are all aimed at underscore stuff for libraries and therefore I´ve always gotten the impression that they need to be simple up to a point. The library I´ve done about 40 exclusive tracks last year for always gives a certain structure I need to follow and reference tracks.

    All this has had effect probably on this underscore writing. I know quality is key, but by reading posts and hearing music that is being used, I tend to think also that quantity plays a role.

    Again, although a step back might be needed, I always come back to the point that I love doing this type of music but to be able to concentrate more on it I need to see some income that goes beyond 200 – 300 dollars a year from PRO 😉 . But another thing I´ve learnt here on this wonderful site is that this is something that takes time, tunesat refresh is just pulling down the morale a bit.

    I post here another piece, from one year ago or so, that is more musically complicated, at least I hope so LaWriter 😉

    Thank you all again, your comments are really helpful guys.


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    Stein, YOU should be ashamed of yourself!

    Were you just playing with us?! The Last Helicopter Falls “You already know that’s where you need to be!!”

    Do this, “Go through EACH and EVERY Library Review here, and see what the community has to say.” They have been “EXTREMELY” Helpful in my personal advancement!

    There are NO shortcuts. “When you take the short road your trip is actually MUCH longer!!”

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    Definitely a move in the right direction. Still some distance to go though – but fine for RF style libraries or youtube videos or some reality TV. A bit long for most uses, but it could easily be cut down. I know I’m not being easy with you, but this STYLE of music demands the absolute most to be convincing. It’s one of the hardest things to pull off convincingly. There are about 1000 other styles that would let you off the hook easier… 🙂 Good work.

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    Sent you a PM.

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    Thanks again to you all,

    been very helpful


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    i REALLY dig that last track!

    just my humble opinion, it “sounds” like you put more work (creative juices) & effort into it compared to the previous tracks, if thats any help…

    Please don’t stop, the way i see things…you’re gonna make them anyway, so why quit?

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