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Not strictly a music library but if you are a composer and/or songwriter, please leave your comments and experiences with Tracks And Fields. We want to hear the good as well as the bad! We make no guarantee of accuracy. Check with Tracks And Fields for all details. Please contact us for any corrections.


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  1. They stole a song I submitted to several of their opportunities. The first commercial it played in originated in Europe where they are (I’m in the States). They took my horn patter and slightly altered the rhythms of them but everything else is identical. When I tried to contact them they wouldn’t respond.

  2. Hi everybody..

    Juste started to use T&F… So I can’t do a feedback for the moment..
    But do you know other website like T&F (serious website) ?

  3. I’ve had many placements over the years on top shows and yet have never had any results from 2.5 years with T & F. This isn’t proof in and of itself, but one thing I notice… if my membership lapses, all of a sudden I receive more music requests from them. If they’re paying $50,000 for a placement, in many cases they could get some of the artists they reference. Also, many of their requests are at the other end of the spectrum $500 for a song that sounds like Billie Eilish – not worth the time or effort. There is never a record of any placement that they’ve made and no proof that anything was ever submitted. Please stop giving these guys your money!!

  4. We’re a publisher (with numerous successful placements elsewhere) and we’ve been submitting tracks to their pitches for years and never seen so much as a shortlist.
    As various people say above, it’s very fishy that they show so few examples of their successful placements. We are starting to suspect that their business model is all about getting entry level writers to shell out 50€ – 250€ and very little to do with actually going to the trouble of getting placements. Not to mention that asking for something that sounds like Coldplay or Drake while offering equivalent of library rates (ie €500 all in) is laughable
    ps. Not surprised that Happy Ears (above) says that Roba are simply cutting and pasting Tracks And Fields pitches – another company full of rather suspect hot air 😉

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