Critique Please – Spoilers


Greg sent me the following e-mail and would like a critique of Spoilers.


I am currently with Jingle Punks, YookaMusic, Music Dealers and Music Xray. I am looking for feedback on my cue in regards to production, playing, and overall licensing potential. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Keywords: Rock, Modern Rock, Urgent Drums, Driving, Hard Rock, Building

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  1. Sounds good to me. I would get a more positive end and lose the the count in. Having a count in on your track would be a very specific request IMHO not something that most clients need.

  2. Sounds good to me also. As far as shopping and licensing it, I’ve been seeing more Pop Rock getting used than Hard or Modern Rock. Especially over at Music Dealers. Seems their clients love that happy, feelgood, positive pop sound.

  3. I would say:
    Production Q -Good
    Playing – Decent, tiny bit of timing issues
    Licensing potential- good

    Ive always been told to keep within the one min border. i try for around 59 secs. Your track rings out to about 1:05 (might work for some though. im not an expert)

    Maybe try using more keywords : Action, sport, driving, America.

  4. Hi Greg,

    The track sounds good to me.

    My only criticism (constructive, I hope) is that you’re rocking, driving, building and then the end just kind of, for lack of a better word, ends.

    Try punching it up a bit ..maybe a closed hat and bass fall instead of a ringing cymbal. Something that says END, instead of “who pulled the plug out?”



    1. Loose the count in for a start – when did you ever hear music on tv that starts with a 4 beat count in ?

      And as Michale L says, it needs to have a resolution at the end, not just stop.

      Difficult to comment on the mix when listening back on computer speakers, but the overall mix is a bit too brite to my ears. But yeah, basis of a decent track there, with some tweaking.

  5. Production seems good.
    The playing is professional.
    Licensing Potentional – Part of me says yes that has good potential because I hear a lot of that style but other part of me say no because I hear a lot of that style. But Heck what do I know. Jingle Punks doesn’t like the tracks that I have contracts for so… It’s Art and it’s Subjective…
    Best of Luck

      1. Jingle Punk just rejects them and they say to wait 60 days. One of the tracks was purchased twice on Revo so that’s why I tried that track. I write all guitar based instrumentals in a Rock/Jazz/blues style for the most part so there could be an overflow of that. Could be a production issue? Could be the reviewers girlfriend just left him ??? Hey I still enjoy it…

    1. Don’t take this the wrong way, but I think you may be wasting your time trying to gain acceptance. Don’t work too hard trying to get songs into any one particular company, even a bigshot company.

      Continue to create music, build your skills, increase your catalog, and submit the same music to multiple companies until you get an offer. You need to have more tenacity than talent in order to be successful.

      I thank the heavens everyday that I have the ability to be creative and to have the courage to contact companies. Rejection is no reason to quit! Please do not fall into the trap of trying to make the perfect song: it doesn’t exist!

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