11 Ways to Stay Inspired

by Claire Batchelor

As library composers it’s sometimes difficult to stay inspired and motivated. I’ve outlined some ideas which I use to stave off de-motivation, demoralization, loneliness, and the dreaded writers block. If you’re anything like me, you’ll probably read this article, think it’s useful (hopefully), and then do nothing! However, I would really urge you to try a couple of these things out. The reward you feel from creating a new track which you’re really happy with, and have created using a couple of totally fresh ideas, will be worth it! Continue reading

Trent Reznor and “Gone Girl”

by Robin Munson

There was an article in the Life section of today’s (10-06-2014) issue of USA Today about the film score for Gone Girl. The composer is Trent Reznor, (with long-time collaborator, Atticus Ross, who barely got a mention). Reznor worked in collaboration with the film’s director, David Fincher. This is the most recent of several collaborations between Fincher and Reznor.  (FYI – Trent Reznor is the front man for Nine Inch Nails, but as the article points out, his work with Nine Inch Nails is “slowly being eclipsed by his reputation as a film composer.”  Note to Self: Next lifetime, front a band.  A very successful band.) Continue reading

Please Note

Newbie Info

As MLR attracts more and more newbies to the music library world I’m collecting various posts that deal with recurring questions. Please check these links first! Continue reading

Specific music library questions/comments

Just a reminder that the forum is not a place for any specific music library related questions or comments except for here (subscription required). Please ask them under a particular library’s listing. It’s the only way to build a knowledge base of composer’s experiences. Any forum references to a particular library will be deleted.

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